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Attendee's Profiles

Wellness Industry Professionals

  • Spa and wellness center owners and managers
  • Fitness trainers and instructors
  • Nutritionists and dieticians
  • Wellness coaches and therapists
  • Massage therapists and bodyworkers

Retailers and Distributors

  • Health and wellness store buyers
  • Fitness equipment retailers
  • Organic and natural product distributors
  • E-commerce platforms for wellness products

Corporate Wellness Decision-Makers

  • HR managers and executives
  • Corporate wellness program coordinators
  • Employee benefits specialists

Wellness Enthusiasts and Consumers

  • Health-conscious individuals
  • Fitness and yoga enthusiasts
  • Organic and natural product consumers
  • Wellness bloggers and influencers

Medical and Healthcare Professionals

  • Integrative medicine practitioners
  • Holistic health providers
  • Nurses and physician assistants interested in wellness

Investors and Entrepreneurs

  • Venture capitalists and angel investors
  • Entrepreneurs seeking opportunities in the wellness industry
  • Business consultants and advisors

Government Officials and Policymakers

  • Health ministry representatives
  • Public health officials
  • Policymakers focused on wellness and preventive healthcare

Latest News & Updates

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Thailand’s Emergence as a Global Wellness Destination

Thailand is setting the stage to become a leading global wellness destination, showcased at the Global Wellness Expo 2024. From holistic health practices to advanced digital wellness solutions, delve into how Thailand is shaping the future of the wellness industry on a global scale.

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Embracing Wellness: Navigating Thailand’s Health Trends in 2024

As Thailand marches into 2024, the nation’s pulse quickens with the anticipation of emerging wellness trends. With a keen eye on health awareness and the embrace of wellness programs, Thailand is setting a precedent for a holistic approach to wellbeing in Southeast Asia. This shift comes at a crucial time, addressing the challenges posed by an aging population through a spectrum of innovative healthcare and wellness solutions.

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