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Exhibitor Manual

Welcome to the Global Wellness Expo 2024! This manual contains essential information to help you plan and prepare for your participation as an exhibitor. Please review the contents carefully and familiarize yourself with the important deadlines, rules, and procedures.

  • Sponsors & Speakers Registration: 01.01.2024 – 30.05.2024
  • Exhibitor Registration Deadline: 01.01.2024 – 30.08.2024
  • Media Release:
    • 30.04, 30.06, 30.08.2024
  • The Launch of Global Wellness Expo, Wellness Business Connect Day, Prime Dine | Private Networking Dinner: 30.07.2024
  • Booth Setup: 10 & 11.09.2024 (06:00 AM – 09:00 PM)
  • Expo Opening Hours: 12 – 14.09.2024 (10:00 AM – 06:00 PM)
  • Booth Dismantling: 15.09.2024 (06:00 AM – 09:00 PM)
  • Booth Design Submission Deadline: 30.07.2024
  • Booth setup and dismantling must be completed within the designated timeframes: 10 & 11.09.2024 (06:00 AM – 09:00 PM)
  • Exhibitors are responsible for arranging their own booth setup and decoration.
  • All booth structures and materials must comply with the venue’s fire and safety regulations.
  • Exhibitors must dispose of any waste or debris generated during setup and dismantling.
  • Standard Booth Sizes and Specifications:
    • The standard booth size for the Global Wellness Expo 2024 is 3m x 3m (9 sqm).
    • Each standard booth includes a back wall, two side walls, and a fascia board with the exhibitor’s name and booth number.
    • The booth’s walls are made of white laminated panels with aluminum frames, measuring 2.5m (8 ft) in height.
    • The booth’s flooring is covered with needle punch carpet in a standard color.
  • Shell Scheme Booth Inclusions:
    • Each shell scheme booth includes the following:
      • White laminated back and side walls
      • Aluminum frames with a height of 2.5m (8 ft)
      • Fascia board with the exhibitor’s name and booth number
      • 2 x 100W spotlights
      • 1 x 13amp/220V single-phase power outlet
      • 1 x information counter (1m x 0.5m x 0.75m)
      • 2 x folding chairs
      • 1 x waste bin
    • Additional furniture, lighting, and electrical requirements can be ordered through the official service provider.
  • Custom booth design guidelines and approval process:


    • Exhibitors who wish to build custom booths must submit their booth designs to the Organizer for approval by 30.07.2024.
    • Custom booth designs must adhere to the following guidelines:
      • The maximum height allowed for custom booths is 4.5m (14.7 ft), including any signage or decorative elements.
      • Custom booths must not obstruct or interfere with neighboring booths or aisles.
      • All materials used in custom booth construction must be fire-retardant and comply with local building codes.
      • Hanging signs or rigging must be approved in advance by the Organizer and the venue.
    • Submission requirements for custom booth designs include:
      • Scaled floor plan with dimensions
      • Elevation drawings showing front, rear, and side views
      • 3D renderings or perspective drawings
      • Electrical and lighting plans
      • List of materials and finishes
    • The Organizer will review and approve custom booth designs within 5 days of submission.
  • Booth Height and Layout Restrictions:
    • The maximum height allowed for standard shell scheme booths is 2.5m (8 ft).
    • The maximum height allowed for custom booths is 4.5m (14.7 ft), including any signage or decorative elements.
    • Booth designs must not obstruct or interfere with neighboring booths or aisles.
    • All booth structures, signage, and decorative elements must be confined within the contracted booth space.
    • Exhibitors are responsible for ensuring that their booth designs and layouts comply with the expo’s guidelines and the venue’s fire and safety regulations.
Please note that these specifications are subject to change, and the Organizer reserves the right to modify or update the guidelines as necessary. Exhibitors will be promptly informed of any changes or updates to the booth design and specification guidelines.
If you have any questions or require further assistance regarding booth design and specifications, please contact our Exhibitor Support Team at
  • Online Exhibitor Registration Process:
– Exhibitors can register their booth staff and personnel through this LINK
– The deadline for this registration is 30.08.2024.
  • Exhibitor Badge Allocation and Collection:
– Each exhibiting company is entitled to a specific number of complimentary exhibitor badges based on their booth size:
– 9 sqm booth: 3 badges
– 18 sqm booth: 6 badges
– 27 sqm booth: 9 badges
– 36 sqm and above: 12 badges
– Additional exhibitor badges can be purchased at a cost of 200THB per badge.
– Exhibitor badges will be available for collection at the Reception during the following hours:
– 12.09.2024: 09:00 AM – 10:00 AM
– 13.09.2024: 09:00 AM – 10:00 AM
– 14.09.2024: 09:00 AM – 10:00 AM
– To collect the badges, an authorized representative from the exhibiting company must present their national ID/Passport & the booth confirmation email.

  • Exhibitor Badge Usage and Restrictions:
– Exhibitor badges are non-transferable and must be worn visibly at all times within the expo venue.
– Badges must not be altered, defaced, or covered in any way.
– Exhibitor badges grant access to the exhibition halls, conference sessions, and networking events during the official expo hours.
– Exhibitor badges do not provide access to any VIP or invitation-only events, unless specified otherwise.
– Misuse or transfer of exhibitor badges may result in the confiscation of the badge and the removal of the exhibitor from the event.
– Lost or forgotten badges can be replaced at the Exhibitor Registration Counter for a fee of 200THB.
Please ensure that all your booth staff and personnel are registered before the deadline to avoid any delays or inconveniences during the expo. We recommend designating one primary contact person from your company to manage the registration process and coordinate badge collection.

Coming Soon

  • Exhibitor Listing in the Official Expo Directory and Website:
Submission Guidelines:
– Each exhibitor is entitled to a complimentary listing in the official Expo directory and website.
– The listing includes the exhibitor’s company name, booth number, logo, and a brief description (up to 100 words).
– Exhibitors must submit their listing information and logo (in high-resolution JPEG or PNG format) to by 30.07.2024.
– Upgrades to enhanced listings with additional features, such as product images or videos, are available for a fee.
– Early Bird Deadline: 30.06.2024 – Submissions received by this date will be included in the first draft of the directory and website.
– Final Deadline: 30.08.2024 – Submissions received after the Early Bird Deadline but before the Final Deadline will be included in the final version of the directory and website.
– Late submissions or changes after the Final Deadline may not be accommodated or may incur additional fees.
  • Sponsorship and Advertising Options:
Please contact us for details in Sponsorship Packages. Email:
Booking Process:
1. Review the sponsorship and advertising packages and rates.
2. Complete the Sponsorship and Advertising Booking Form, specifying your selected package or à la carte options.
3. Submit the form to along with your high-resolution logo and advertisement artwork (if applicable) by May 30, 2024.
4. Make payment according to the provided instructions.
  • Press and Media Opportunities:
Press Registration:
– Accredited members of the media can register for complimentary press passes to attend the Expo.
– Press registration is available online at August 30, 2024 or on-site at the Press Registration Counter.
– Press passes grant access to the exhibition halls, conference sessions, and designated press areas.
Press Releases:
– Exhibitors can submit press releases about their products, services, or company news to be included in the official Expo press kit.
– Press releases should be sent to by July 30, 2024 in Word or PDF format.
– The Expo organizers reserve the right to select and edit press releases for inclusion in the press kit.
– Exhibitors can request to be featured in Expo-related interviews or media coverage by contacting the Expo’s Media Coordinator at
– Interview requests should include a brief description of the exhibitor’s company, products, or services, and any specific topics or angles they would like to discuss.
– The Media Coordinator will review requests and coordinate interviews based on relevance, newsworthiness, and media availability.
Please note that all marketing and promotional materials, including advertisements and press releases, are subject to approval by the Expo organizers and must comply with the Expo’s branding and content guidelines.
The Global Wellness Expo 2024 will be held at the Impact Exhibition and Convention Center, located at: 99 Popular Road, Ban Mai, Pak Kret District, Nonthaburi 11120, Thailand
– By Car: The venue is easily accessible via the Chaeng Watthana Road and the expressway. Follow the signs for Impact Exhibition and Convention Center.
– By Public Transportation:
– BTS Skytrain: Take the BTS to Mo Chit station, then transfer to the Impact Link shuttle bus.
– MRT Subway: Take the MRT to Chatuchak Park station, then transfer to the Impact Link shuttle bus.
– Airport Rail Link: Take the Airport Rail Link to Makkasan station, then transfer to the Impact Link shuttle bus.
– The venue offers ample parking space for both cars and buses.
Catering and Food Service Options:
Food Outlets:
– The venue features several food outlets and cafes, offering a variety of snacks, beverages, and quick meals.
– Food outlet locations and hours of operation: Check the venue’s website: