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Speaker Profiles

Dr. Kampon Sriwatanakul

Chairman of Thailand National Charter of Health

  • Fellowship Training in Clinical Pharmacology, University of Rochester, New York, USA
  • IU AC Fellowship Training in Chemotherapy, Royal Marsden Hospital, London, UK
  • British Council Funded Research Fellow, University of Leicester, UK
  • Fellowship Training in Clinical Pharmacokinetics, University of Edinburgh, UK
  • Clinical Toxicology Training Course, University of Heidelberg, Germany
  • Holistic Cancer Care Training, Aeskulap Klinik Hospital, Switzerland

Prof. Dato' Sri. Dr. Mike Chan

Chairman/Scientist European Wellness Biomedical Group

  • Prof. Dato’ Sri Dr. Mike K.S. Chan, is a Researcher, Author, Educator and an Entrepreneur in the specialised fields of Biotechnology Research & Development of Stem Cells and Peptide Therapeutics and Biological & Regenerative Medicine for multiple corporations globally.


  • He is also the co-Owner & Founder of the European Wellness Biomedical Group, Germany, a vertically-integrated group comprising key divisions in IP Research & Development, Biotech & BioPharma Manufacturing Plants (Germany & EU), Educational Institutions & Professional Academies, Global Product Distribution across 80 countries, and 26 medical wellness, diagnostics and youth restorative centres in Europe and Asia Pacific including Switzerland, Germany, Greece, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Mexico, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Bangladesh with VIP clientele comprising Presidents, Head of States, Hollywood, Hong Kong and Chinese Celebrities and the Rich & Famous.

Prof. Dr. Olha Nishkumai PhD, MD

Senior Medical Consultant, Cardiologist

She graduated from Luhansk State Medical University (Ukraine) in 1997. For many years she headed the Luhansk scientific and medical center for the diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis. Since 2014, she works as a professor at the Department of Internal Medicine of Bogomolets National Medical University (Kyiv, Ukraine). The main area of her scientific and clinical interests is the mechanisms of the degenerative changes in bones, hormones and the cardiovascular system. Also, she studies the different technologies of bioregenerative medicine to prevent premature ageing. She has 190 scientific publications, including 3 monographs. Last decade, she had numerous presentations in different areas of clinical medicine in Europe and around the world.


Professional Memberships

• European Society of Cardiology

• European Society of Preventive Cardiology

• International Association for the Study of Pain • Ukrainian Osteoporosis Association.

Prof. Dr. Yuriy Nalapko PhD , MD

Medical Advisor - Academy And Clinical (Foreign), European Wellness Biomedical Group

Prof. Dr. Yuriy Nalapko, PhD, MD, completed his PhD in Intensive Care in 1997 and developed his medical career in academia and as founder and editor of medical journals. He received scholarships, fellowships, and awards, including the State Prize of President of Ukraine for Science in 2007. Since 2016, he has served as Deputy Medical Director at European Wellness Biomedical Group and is a trainer and consultant at wellness clinics. Prof. Nalapko has published over 300 articles and abstracts and authored 15 books. He is an experienced clinical trial specialist and member of various professional organizations.


Member of various professional organizations, including the European Society of Preventive, Regenerative and Antiaging Medicine, European Wellness Academy, European Society of Anesthesiology, European Society of Intensive Care Medicine, and others.

Dr. Michael Tan

Founder of Life Research Wellness Pte Ltd

Dr Michael Tan (N.D.) is the CEO and the founder of Life Research Wellness Pte Ltd. With an electrical engineering background, Dr Michael Tan saw the correlation of the bioelectric field, converging both the human biological system and the electrical system, which sparked his interests in pursuing and embarking on the path of a naturopathic doctor.


His passion and devotion in human wellness and anti-aging, lead him to various collaborations and also development in integrated preventive and predictive health management systems globally in Dubai, New Delhi, Vietnam, Russia, China, Malaysia and Singapore since 2001.


He founded Life Research Wellness Pte Ltd in 2012, to provide health care solutions and optimisation by integrating the most advanced methodologies of predictive health screening and also successfully developed a health care monitoring system that is being widely used in China providing cancer support through non invasive procedure to monitor cancer patients’ health markers.

Dr. Pisit Tantiwattanaku

Medical Doctor & Founder of iBaby

Dr. Pisit Tantiwattanakul is the best IVF Doctor in Bangkok, Thailand at iBaby Clinic. Dr. Pisit Tantiwattanakul is a leading IVF specialist in Bangkok, Thailand. He has over 12 years of experience helping couples conceive and is the medical director and chief embryologist at iBaby Center.


Dr. Tantiwattanakul graduated from Chulalongkorn University with a degree in medicine in 1993 and went on to complete his masters in clinical embryology in 1998. He is also a trained laparoscopic surgeon. Since starting his career, Dr. Tantiwattanakul has helped hundreds of couples overcome infertility and achieve their dream of starting a family.

Tanya Stockdale

Wellpreneur, Functional Medicine Practitioner, Founder of Arura Wellness

Tanya Stockdale is a board certified functional medicine practitioner, integrative nutrition health and wellness coach, and the founder of Arura Wellness. With a focus on preventing and reversing chronic disease dynamics, Tanya specializes in adrenal disorders, hormonal and gut imbalances, auto-immune ailments, and more.


She combines dietary and lifestyle adjustments with targeted natural supplements to rebalance her clients’ health. As a Kaguy lineage Tibetan Buddhist practitioner, Tanya incorporates meditation, mind work, and brain-heart coherence into her treatment approach. Through unique workshops, webinars, and retreat programs in Nepal and Thailand, she empowers individuals and corporations to take charge of their own health.

Lokesh Rai

Founder of Radical Life Purpose Coaching & Wellness Club

Lokesh is a certified Life Purpose Coach, Mentor & Trainer. He guides people towards their ultimate mission & meaning fo​​r personal & professional development.


He uses eastern mystical spiritual wisdom & western psychological techniques – e.g. Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Meditation, Shamanism, Breathwork, Epigenetics, Vision-boards, Affirmations & Emotional Intelligence, to unleash people’s untapped potential & hidden magic.


In his 1:1 sessions and group workshops, he leads you to discover your blind-spots and pitfalls that keep you from becoming the whole”person you were meant to be, by opening up your mind & heart into your true authentic self!


His workshops include interactive exercises for introspection, self-reflection, and inner-exploration to gain clarity about what truly matters to you and what brings meaning and fulfillment to your lives. His “Inner Guru Blueprint” (and workbooks) are given to the participants for them to implement the learnings in their daily lives.

Teeraphol Ambhai

Senior Manager, Social Media Marketing of Bumrungrad International Hospital.

Teeraphol Ambhai is an exceptional digital talent with a consistently constructive and collaborative approach towards his team and other functional teams. He has been an essential part of Bumrungrad International’s industry-leading and ever-evolving online presence for more than 8 years, since graduating with a Master’s Degree from CMMU in 2014 and Bachelor Degree from ICT Mahidol University in Computer Science, also got Mini MBA from Neo Academy by CMMU. Currently, he studies Doctoral at UTCC.

He leads and manages a small team, of no more than 10 people, with a high-level understanding of Project Management and a Growth mindset that results in world-class social media outcomes such as 1st Most followers FB of hospital in the world, as well as Top 4 in the world for other 3 main channels (IG,Tiktok,YouTube) which can achieve success, make big changes, gain a competitive advantage in terms of performance, and received more than 30 awards among other hospitals both in Thailand and internationally. The answer lies in Agile and Project Management practices, use of OKRs, and instilling a sense of ownership.