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Sponsorship Levels

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Global Wellness Expo offers a range of sponsorship opportunities, including:

  • Main Sponsorship
  • Co-main Sponsorship
  • Platinum Sponsorship
  • Diamond Sponsorship
  • Gold Sponsorship
  • Silver Sponsorship
  • Bronze Sponsorship (A and B)

Each sponsorship tier comes with a unique set of benefits and brand exposure opportunities. Please refer to our sponsorship prospectus for detailed information on the specific benefits and pricing for each tier.

By sponsoring the Global Wellness Expo, you can:

  • Enhance your brand visibility and awareness among a targeted audience of wellness professionals, businesses, and consumers.
  • Showcase your products, services, or initiatives to a global and engaged audience.
  • Gain access to exclusive networking opportunities with industry leaders and decision-makers.
  • Demonstrate your thought leadership and expertise through speaking engagements or sponsored sessions.
  • Generate leads and build relationships with potential partners, clients, or customers.


Align your brand with the leading event in the wellness industry and support the growth and innovation of the sector.

To become a sponsor of the Global Wellness Expo, please contact our sponsorship team at or schedule an online meeting with us for sponsorship discussion:

The pricing for sponsorship packages are as follows:

  • Main Sponsorship: $200,000 (฿7,200,000)
  • Co-main Sponsorship: $150,000 (฿5,400,000)
  • Platinum Sponsorship: $100,000 (฿3,600,000)
  • Diamond Sponsorship: $70,000 (฿2,520,000)
  • Gold Sponsorship: $50,000 (฿1,800,000)
  • Silver Sponsorship: $30,000 (฿1,080,000)
  • Bronze Sponsorship A: $20,000 (฿720,000)
  • Bronze Sponsorship B: $15,000 (฿540,000)


Each package includes a specific set of benefits, such as complimentary event passes, speaking opportunities, branding and advertising exposure, and on-site activations. Detailed information about each package can be found in our sponsorship prospectus.

Yes, we offer customized sponsorship opportunities tailored to your specific needs and objectives. Our sponsorship team can work with you to create a bespoke package that aligns with your goals and maximizes your ROI.

To secure your sponsorship, we recommend confirming your participation is on 30th of May, 2024 to ensure optimal exposure and fulfillment of benefits. If you missed the date, the latest we can proceed is on 30th of June, 2024. After signing the agreement, you can pay 50% up front and 50% before the event 1 month

Your sponsorship will be acknowledged and promoted through various channels, including:

    • Logo placement on the event website, promotional materials, and on-site signage.
    • Acknowledgment in event press releases and media partnerships.
    • Social media mentions and targeted promotional campaigns.
    • Inclusion in email newsletters and attendee communications

Recognition during the opening and closing ceremonies, as well as sponsored sessions or activities.

The specifications and deadlines for submitting sponsor logos and materials will be communicated by our sponsorship team upon confirmation of your sponsorship. Typically, we require high-resolution logos, company descriptions, and other relevant materials at least 8 weeks prior to the event to ensure sufficient time for production and integration.

Yes, you can sponsor specific sessions, events, or areas within the Global Wellness Expo. Examples include sponsored keynote speeches, wellness workshops, networking lounges, or attendee experience enhancements. Our sponsorship team can provide you with a list of available opportunities and help you select the best fit for your brand.

Yes, many of our sponsorship packages include speaking or presentation opportunities, such as keynote speeches, panel participation, or sponsored sessions. These opportunities provide a platform to showcase your thought leadership and engage with the audience on topics relevant to your expertise.

Yes, sponsors can distribute promotional materials or giveaways at the event, subject to the approval of the event organizers. This can be done through various channels, such as inclusion in attendee bags, distribution at sponsored sessions or booths, or as part of on-site activations.

To maximize your brand visibility and exposure as a sponsor, we recommend:

Leveraging your complimentary event passes to bring key team members, clients, or prospects to the event.

Actively participating in sponsored sessions, networking events, and on-site activations.

Engaging with attendees through social media, using the event hashtag and mentioning your sponsorship.

Providing high-quality and engaging content for your sponsored sessions or materials.

Collaborating with the event team to explore additional branding or experiential opportunities.

Sponsorship packages often include complimentary event passes, access to VIP lounges or exclusive networking events, and opportunities to host private receptions or meetings. These benefits provide sponsors with valuable networking and hospitality opportunities to engage with key stakeholders and build relationships.

Yes, many sponsorship packages include the opportunity to host a private event or reception, either on-site at the event venue or at a nearby location. Our event team can assist with the planning and logistics of these events, ensuring a seamless and memorable experience for your guests.

Yes, we offer special discounts and priority booking for returning sponsors to recognize their continued support and partnership. Please contact our sponsorship team to discuss specific offers and benefits available for returning sponsors.

In the event of a cancellation, the refund policy for sponsorships is as follows:

  • Cancellations received more than 60 days prior to the event: 50% refund of the sponsorship fee.
  • Cancellations received between 30 and 59 days prior to the event: 25% refund of the sponsorship fee.
  • Cancellations received less than 30 days prior to the event: No refund.

All cancellations must be submitted in writing to the sponsorship team.

To track the ROI and effectiveness of your sponsorship, we provide post-event reports and analytics, including:

  • Number of attendees and their demographic profile.
  • Engagement metrics for sponsored sessions and activations.
  • Social media and website analytics related to your sponsorship.
  • Leads generated and scanned at your booth or sponsored events.
  • Survey results and feedback from attendees.

Our sponsorship team will work with you to define specific KPIs and metrics to measure the success of your sponsorship.

Yes, we welcome and encourage collaborative sponsorships, where two or more companies or organizations partner to support the Global Wellness Expo. This can be an effective way to share costs, amplify brand exposure, and create unique activations or experiences for attendees.

Sponsors can leverage various social media and digital promotion opportunities, including:

    • Sponsored social media posts on the event’s official channels.
    • Branded content or sponsored articles on the event blog or website.
    • Email newsletter sponsorships or banner advertisements.
    • Social media contests or giveaways in partnership with the event.
  • Live streaming or virtual engagement opportunities for remote audiences.

To leverage your sponsorship for lead generation and business development, consider the following strategies:

    • Utilize your complimentary event passes to invite key prospects or clients to the event.
    • Participate in sponsored sessions or workshops to showcase your expertise and thought leadership.
    • Host a booth or activation space to engage with attendees and collect leads.
    • Offer exclusive promotions, discounts, or giveaways to attendees who visit your booth or attend your sponsored events.
    • Follow up with leads and connections made at the event through targeted email campaigns or personalized outreach.

As part of your sponsorship package, you will receive a post-event report that includes:

  • Attendee demographics and engagement metrics.
  • Leads generated and scanned at your booth or sponsored events.
  • Social media and website analytics related to your sponsorship.
  • Survey results and feedback from attendees.
  • Highlights and key outcomes of your sponsored sessions or activations.

These insights will help you assess the impact of your sponsorship and plan for future event partnerships.

Yes, we offer year-round and multi-event sponsorship packages that provide extended brand exposure and benefits beyond the Global Wellness Expo. These packages can include sponsorship of our regional events, webinar series, or content initiatives, as well as ongoing digital promotion and thought leadership opportunities.

In addition to the Global Wellness Expo, sponsors can support and participate in our associated events and initiatives, such as:

  • Thailand Wellness Asia Summit (TWAS) 2024
  • Thailand Wellness Global Summit (TWGS) 2025
  • IWWCE 2024
  • Global Lady Expo 2025
  • Global Summer Expo 2025
  • Global Luxury Travel Expo 2025

Sponsorship opportunities for these initiatives vary and can be customized based on your interests and objectives.

To discuss sponsorship options and customize a package that meets your specific needs, please contact our sponsorship team at They will be happy to schedule a call or meeting to explore potential partnership opportunities and develop a tailored proposal.

We are committed to working with sponsors who share our values and mission to promote holistic well-being, sustainability, and innovation in the wellness industry. By aligning your sponsorship with the Global Wellness Expo, you can demonstrate your commitment to these principles and position your brand as a leader in the wellness space. Our sponsorship team will work with you to ensure that your sponsorship activation and messaging align with the overall theme and goals of the event.